Income Distribution*

At SCIN, we believe in fostering a collaborative and equitable ecosystem for researchers, authors, institutions, and all stakeholders involved in scholarly publishing. Our income distribution model is designed to ensure fairness, transparency, and sustainability in sharing the financial benefits generated by our platform.
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Authors (28%)

Authors receive 28% of the total income for their significant contribution to research creation.

Affiliated Institutions (18%)

18% of the total income is allocated to the affiliated institutions of authors.

Reviewers (10%)

Reviewers receive 10% of the total income for their role in ensuring the quality and integrity of published works.

Editors (4%)

Editors, crucial in curating and overseeing the peer review process, receive 4% of the total income.

Typesetters (2%)

Proofreaders and quality control personnel are allocated 2% of the total income for ensuring the accuracy and clarity of research publications.

SCIN (38%)

SCIN allocates 38% of the total income to cover costs associated with platform administration, maintenance, and other operational expenses.
* SCIN's goal is to achieve the mentioned numbers, but as a startup grows and evolves, these figures may change. When you publish with SCIN, you agree to the revenue distribution model in place at that time. These numbers are approximations and can be adjusted without legal consequences, with no liability for SCIN.