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Unlocking the Future of Scientific Publishing

At SCIN, we are rewriting the story of scientific publishing. We're not just a startup; we are the future of scholarly communication. SCIN, short for Scientific Independence, is the groundbreaking platform where knowledge meets rewards. We are more than just a publisher; we are a catalyst for change in the academic world.

Our Mission: Empowering the Scientific Community

Bringing Science to Life, One Discovery at a Time
Our mission is clear: to empower authors, reviewers, editors, and institutions by transforming the way we disseminate scientific knowledge. SCIN is the first platform of its kind, pioneering a revolutionary business model and ecosystem that makes publishing not just a scholarly endeavor but a rewarding one.
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SCIN's Unique Approach

Your Ideas, Your Rewards
SCIN operates on a simple principle: authors deserve more than just recognition; they deserve compensation for their contributions. We believe that reviewers, the unsung heroes of scientific publishing, also deserve recognition for their invaluable service.
We offer an enticing proposition to authors and reviewers alike: get paid for your work, fueling your passion for discovery while contributing to the advancement of human knowledge. When you publish or review with SCIN, you are not just building a career; you are building a legacy.

Benefits for Libraries and Institutions

Empowering the Knowledge Guardians
Libraries and institutions are the guardians of knowledge. With SCIN, they become co-owners of the content produced by their members who publish with us. This means that not only can institutions support their researchers in new ways, but they also get to participate in the rewards generated by their own intellectual community.
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Publishing Hero Image

Benefits for Journal Owners

Reducing Costs, Accelerating Progress
For journal owners, SCIN is a game-changer. Our model reduces the financial burden on publishers by providing a sustainable way to pay authors and reviewers. Plus, our efficient system accelerates the turnaround time of the reviewing process, meaning your content gets published faster, reaching a global audience in record time.

Transparency and Trust: The SCIN Way

Smart Contracts for a Smarter Future
SCIN is committed to transparency. We utilize cutting-edge smart contracts to ensure that payments are fair, transparent, and delivered promptly. With SCIN, you can trust that your work is not only valued but rewarded.

Join the SCIN Revolution

The time for change is now, and the future of scientific publishing is in your hands. Join us in reshaping the landscape of academia, where every contributor is celebrated, and every institution benefits.
Be a part of the SCIN community today. Join our waitlist to be among the first to experience the future of scientific publishing, where knowledge is power, and rewards await those who dare to innovate.

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